Direct Hire Services (Executive Search)

Employers use Direct Hire (Executive Search) Services to:
  • Fill key positions, such as: Managers, Engineers, Programmers, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals, Supervisors, Executive Assistants, Directors of Not-for-Profit Agencies, Accounts and Comptrollers, as well as Technicians and Skilled Trades.
  • Utilize a staffing agency to use their expertise and contacts to identify and engage prospective candidates, often ones who are not actively looking, and, if interested, would want their interest to be kept confidential.

Employers use Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company for their Direct Hire needs to:
  • Reach possible candidates who know the North Country. We maintain an extensive network of contacts among candidates in the North Country, those originally from the North Country and now located away, and candidates among the 100,000+ alumni of the North Country colleges who may want to return to the area.
  • Benefit from experienced staff who can sell the North Country to candidates, spouses, and their families. Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company has years of experience providing "community tours" and informal advice to help candidates and their families find local matches for their interests and to choose among the various schools and communities.

Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company does all of this for the employer-customer for Direct Hire placements:
  • Recruit and advertise locally and away
  • Make targeted calls to possible candidates with ties to the North Country.
  • Build an online posting for the opening that promotes the opportunity as well as the area.
  • Based on the agreement, administer tests, arrange physical exams & drug tests, DMV and other background checks
  • Screens candidates by phone and as needed in person
  • Conducts reference and background checks. As needed, verifies licenses and certifications.
  • Arranges for contacts between qualified candidates and the employer
  • Helps negotiate "packages" to enable the employer and top candidate to commit.
  • As necessary, arranges community tours and provides leads and contacts for the candidate and family members to meet local residents who share similar interests, such as sports, music, art, theatre, and spiritual and religious groups.
  • As necessary, introduce candidate and spouse to realtors and school officials, day care providers, and medical services.

Examples of Employers using Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company Direct Hire Services:
  • A local business service needed to replace a Comptroller and needed to keep their search confidential. They relied on us to start searching and passing on résumés. When the owner found a good match, he was able to address the issues he had with the incumbent and negotiate a mutually agreeable separation, assured that he had a candidate qualified and ready to step in. We were then able to provide outplacement services for the former Comptroller.
  • A Fortune 500 company with a North Country facility was in need of Industrial Electricians to help meet a rise in demand for their product. The HR Director was able to focus on all of the other HR issues related to the step up in production and outsource the recruiting of the Skilled Trades to us.
  • A large Not-for-Profit Agency contracted with us to recruit, screen, and refer candidates for an Executive Director position. The incumbent was retiring and we consulted with the Search Committee of the Board of Directors in reviewing the job description, key skills needed going forward, and generating a list of possible contacts who would know candidates in the field. We called the contacts and build a database of candidates, then emailed and called the possible candidates, received résumés, did background checks, and arranged for a series of interviews. We were able to maintain the confidentiality required by many of the candidates.

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