On-Trial Placements

Employers use "on-trial" placement services to:
  • Try out qualified applicants
  • Have a defined "trial" or probationary period with a clear end date
  • Utilize the placement agency to counsel, provide feedback, and if necessary find alternative jobs for a worker who decides not to continue or who does not meet performance expectations

Employers use Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company for their "on-trial" placement needs to:
  • Hire the best available ready-to-go applicants. We are constantly recruiting and screening to maintain queues of pre-qualified applicants for typical "on-trial" assignments, such as administrative assistants and other office positions; bookkeeping and account clerks; production operators and laborers; and many others.
  • Benefit from experienced staff who help orient workers to the job, can help counsel on issues that often arise with new hires, and know how to give progressive feedback to "on-trial" assignees.

Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company does all of this for the employer-customer for "on-trial" placements:
  • Recruit, receive and process applications, I-9's, W-4's
  • Screen, interview, test, reference check
  • Build an online posting for the opening that promotes the opportunity as well as the area.
  • Based on the agreement, administer tests, arrange physical exams & drug tests, DMV and other background checks
  • Issue and process letters of employment, timesheets, paychecks, W-2's
  • Manage the paperwork and administration required for their pay, benefits, tax withholdings, workers' compensation, FICA, FUTA and SUTA.
  • Process and respond to claims for Workers Compensation, Disability and Unemployment Insurance.
  • Help orient and counsel "on-trial" workers, give feedback on performance, and assist supervisors in making final hiring determination
  • When necessary, handle all terminations and referrals to subsequent assignments.

Examples of Employers using Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company "On-Trial" Services:
  • A Plant Manager at a local manufacturing plant calls us and lets her know that a new product line is starting out. He is not sure exactly how many workers he will ultimately need so he places an order for four Production Operators. We refer six and the Plant Manager chooses five to start on an "on-trial" basis. He will know within the 12 week "on-trial" period if he will need five and if not will know well the four he will want to keep.
  • An engineering firm has been notified by their Account Clerk that she will moving away in several weeks. They email us to start looking. Two top candidates are referred. The Office Manager decides to start one on an "on-trial" placement. Within several weeks the Office Manager can see that the placement is learning and fitting in. When the full-time Account Clerk finally leaves, the replacement is fully trained and can step right into the job and is hired onto the Engineering Firm's payroll.
  • A college dining service hires all their new people through "on-trial" placements with us. Workers prove their skills and reliability and are hired onto the employer's payroll and benefits program as openings occur.

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