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Our recruiting services help you find and hire the best available applicants, saving you time, money, and hassle. We offer state-of-the-art recruiting and screening technology, called "WhyWorkHere" services, in conjuction with our sister firm HireWare.com LLC.

We can customize Recruiting Services packages to meet your needs. We can help you:
  • Promote your "sell's" and employment opportunities
  • Identify your current best performers, where they came from, and where to find more
  • Market your opportunities. We work with dozens of recruiting channels. And we own one of the best recruiting channels in the region – our own database of 25,000 local applicants and growing daily.
  • Reach online applicants. If you don't have an online job board or even your own website, we can create a "WhyWorkHere" online job board for you, and help you market your job posts on your job board to reach online applicants.
  • Use our online screening technology to screen out "unqualified" and screen "in" top applicants most likely to meet your minimum requirements and have required skills.
  • View queues of pre-qualified applicants for each position, ranked based on their self-rating of skills.
  • Use a PDF of our "common application" to print candidates Contact Information, Education and Work History, and answers to your screening questions for the position. Just add a "release and signature" page to complete your application.
  • Add photos and video to your "WhyWorkHere" online job board and job posts
  • Be listed or featured in our Community Recruiting Campaigns as we present an array of employment options in a job field to targeted demographics, such as students, transitioning soldiers, and those already employed in fields you need
  • Contract for expert staff support when you need it – administering skills and attitude assessments, conducting interviews and background checks, representing you at Job Fairs at schools, colleges, Chamber events, or even taking on the entire task of finding the best available candidates for your openings.
Special Customization for Employers with Multiple Locations:
  • HR can monitor queues of pre-screened, self-rated applicants for each position in each location.
  • Great for operations with stores, restaurants, hotels, where managers at remote locations are often burdened with processing applicants, and too often having to say "no" to customers or their family members wanting jobs.
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