Temporary Worker Services

Employers use temporary worker services to staff for
  • seasonal surges
  • special projects or events
  • coverage for key staff out on leave

Employers use Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company for their temporary worker needs:
  • Best available ready-to-go applicants. We are constantly recruiting and screening to maintain queues of pre-qualified applicants for temporary assignments in a wide variety of positions: food service, office/clerical, account clerks, production, laborer, and many others.
  • Fast. We can often fill your jobs before you can place an ad.
  • Save money. You risk spikes in your Unemployment Insurance if you do it yourself.

Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company does all of this for the employer-customer:
  • Recruit, receive and process applications, I-9's, W-4's
  • Screen, interview, test, reference check
  • Based on the agreement, administer tests, arrange physical exams & drug tests, DMV and other background checks
  • Issue and process letters of employment, timesheets, paychecks, W-2's
  • Manage the paperwork and administration required for their pay, benefits, tax withholdings, workers' compensation, FICA, FUTA and SUTA.
  • Process and respond to claims for Workers Compensation, Disability and Unemployment Insurance.
  • Handle all terminations and referrals to subsequent assignments.

Examples of Employers using Penski Staffing, A CorTech LLC Company Temporary Worker Services:
  • Workers in the manufacturing plant look forward to summer vacations, but the production supervisor has to get product to customers. Each summer the supervisor knows he can count on us to find the right workers to fill for his core workers' summer vacations.
  • A doctor is told that his receptionist will be out for a maternity leave. It is a key job. But he knows he can count on us to find him a temporary worker to handle the phones, accounts, and keep the office running smoothly until his regular staffperson returns from leave.
  • A college dining service gets a rush order for a 100 person banquet for Saturday night. They need 18 banquet servers. We have 30 pre-screened applicants ready-to-go, makes the calls, and schedules the workers. The banquet is a success, and the dining service gets one invoice for all 18 workers.
  • A contractor has a Monday deadline for finishing a project. The site is a mess. He calls us and we send 5 laborers to hustle to the site to start clean up the next day. By Monday the contractor's customer can see a completed project on a good-looking site.

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